Fired Up (Trouble in Texas #2) by Mary Conneally

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Fired Up (Trouble in Texas #2) by Mary Conneally Empty Fired Up (Trouble in Texas #2) by Mary Conneally

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1868 - Texas - Glynna Greer had detestable memories of her late husband, Flint, who had been killed in a gun battle by Dare Riker and his friends. They risked their lives to save Glynna from her husband. Dare Riker, is a doctor who wants to heal, not kill, but Flint had given him no choice and he has saved Glynna from her husband's brutality. Glynna is a survivor and determined she can make it on her own and provide for her two children. She opens a diner in this small town, Broken Wheel, even though she is not a good cook.

Dare worked with a doctor during the Civil War, but does not have any formal training as a doctor, and very little schooling. He lacked confidence and felt that presenting himself as a doctor was wrong. A bit of a romance blossoms between Glynna and Dare, but that part of the story falters for me. The romance moved so slowly and was completely predictable. The story unfolds with an avalanche, a fire, and a stabbing, and Dare survives it all - again predictable.

This book was just lukewarm, failing to captivate my interest. The storyline was rather implausible, being far-fetched, failing to convince me. On a positive note, the book was well written. I enjoyed the descriptive writing of the bucolic countryside and there was some fun dialogue with humor interjected throughout. It was a relaxed, fast, and easy read, but not one I'd enthusiastically recommend. My rating is 3 stars.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for an honest review. All opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.


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