To Heaven and Back by Mary C Neal, MD

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To Heaven and Back by Mary C Neal, MD Empty To Heaven and Back by Mary C Neal, MD

Post  WRB on Tue Dec 04, 2012 3:00 am

While kayaking, Mary Neal becomes trapped inside a waterfall and drowns. Before she is resuscitated she has a joyful experience of going to heaven and communicating with angels. Throughout the book she tells how it has transformed her life. it is an emotional and spiritual journey.
I have read several books on this subject and have always found it interesting. However, Dr Neal never really elaborates on her encounters - so few details, never going into much depth. She shares her thoughts and beliefs, but I felt her writing fell a bit flat. I believe wholeheartedly this story is credible with some deeply touching parts, but I kept thinking there should be more. A bit disappointing.


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