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Darkroom by Joshua Graham Empty Darkroom by Joshua Graham

Post  WRB on Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:20 pm

Wow - what a powerful book! A story full of intense action and suspense. The story begins as Xandra and her father, Peter Carrick, return to a Vietnam village to spread her mother's ashes. The novel goes back and forth between the early 1970's, during the Vietnam War and present time, 2008.

Peter Carrick, a photojournalist, is embedded with the Marine Corps unit in Vietnam. It is there that Peter meets Grace Th'am Ai Le, his wife to be. The war has claimed so many lives and still rages on. Grace is living in Saigon and reports are saying that Communists are moving South and Saigon will soon come under attack. They are urging all Amercans to leave, but Peter stays on because of Grace who is all alone. After three years Peter finally proposes to Grace and asks her to go to America with him.

Back to the present time - Xandra, also a photojournalist working for the New York Times, has a vision about a murder. An injustice is carried out and Xandra is arrested for the murder of a Julliard student.

This is an election year and these are troubled economic times. Senator Richard Colson is running for President as an Independent. The Senator seems to be socially responsible, well balanced, and strong on foreign policy. He is also an honored veteran of the Vietnam War.

And the storyline continues, but nothing is as it seems. There are lies, deception, dark secrets, assassination attempts, political corruption, murder, with paranormal occurrences. This book is fast moving and I never lost interest - a captivating read..


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