Beyond Justice by Joshua Graham

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Beyond Justice by Joshua Graham Empty Beyond Justice by Joshua Graham

Post  WRB on Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:35 pm

This book is classified as a Christian Thriller, but I hesitated putting it under Christian Fiction. Some of you who read only Christian Fiction might be offended by some of the vulgar language in this book, especially the parts that take place in the prison.

Joshua Graham is a new author for me and I'm hooked! This novel is a page turner from beginning to end and I was consumed very early on. The characters are vividly described with the storyline becoming very complex, but easy to follow with the short chapters. The story entails a gruesome crime, a serial killer, a trial with a wrongful conviction, and the horrible nightmares of prison.

The protagonist goes from being an athiest to developing a stong and powerful faith in God. The book is filled with faith, forgiveness and has strong religious overtones ---- a truly spiritual journey.

I have two negative comments. The book has too many typographical errors --- where was the editing? Also, the romantic feelings that developed between Sam and Rachel happened entirely too soon and I thought was inappropriate and distasteful. The author did keep those feelings from developing any further until the end of the book. But, neither of the above deterred me from reading the book.

The book has a powerful and very emotional ending! I highly recommend this book and I plan on reading more of Joshua Graham's books.


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