Tanglewood Plantation by Jocelyn Miller

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Tanglewood Plantation by Jocelyn Miller Empty Tanglewood Plantation by Jocelyn Miller

Post  WRB on Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:14 pm

A great storyline! ---- life of slaves in a southern plantation during the civil war.

Summer Woodfield is searching for her family ancestry and through the concept of time travel, steps out of her 21st century life to the 1860's during the civil war. As Evaline, she inhabits the body of a beautiful 19th century slave, the mulatto child of Charles Woodfield. As the days pass in a constant parade of tedious servitude, she begins to wonder if she ever existed in the 21st century or if she truly is Evaline.

The slaves speaking in the vernacular was at times hard to decipher, but necessary for the authenticity of the era, and I found the brutality of the slaves to be very heart-wrenching at times --- so pitiful. The concept of time travel was an excellent way for the writer to take us back to the reality of living on the plantation, as slaves, during the civil war.

A great historical read ---- I highly recommend!


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