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Post  WRB on Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:18 pm

I knew absolutely nothing about the Shaker history, so I was drawn into this book early on. It is a compelling novel and a beautifully written story that comes alive in Kentucky in the 1840's.

In the shaker community marital unions were dissolved as well as parent-child relationships. There seemed to be no happiness or pleasantness ---- they just exited.

Preacher Palmer wasn't as "saintly" as some imagined. Lacey Bishop felt the wrongness of marrying him from the beginning, but this seemed to be the only solution to raising Rachel as her own, a child she deeply loved. She is moved with her family into Harmony Hill, the Shaker community, again knowing this was wrong.

Isaac Kingston felt burdened with sin because of his wife, Ella'a death. He believed he had no consideration for Ella's needs and as a result she died. Isaac is looking only for food and shelter from the Shaker village and doesn't believe in the Shaker doctrine.

As Lacey and Isaac live among the Shakers, secrets are revealed. A romance blossoms but certainly isn't the focal point of the book.

An interesting perception about sorrow is revealed. All life has sorrows ----- If we took sorrow out of life, we would take away all richness, depth, and tenderness. Sorrow is the furnace that melts selfish hearts together in love. Quite profound!

This is truly a wonderful book.


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