The Gifted (Shaker Series) by Ann H Gabhart

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The Gifted (Shaker Series) by Ann H Gabhart Empty The Gifted (Shaker Series) by Ann H Gabhart

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Shakerism originated in England in the 18th century. Their leader, a woman by the name of Ann Lee, was believed to be the second coming of Christ, in female form. The name Shaker came from the way they worshipped. When members received the "spirit", they would begin to shake all over. The Shakers were known as being peaceful people, a simple life by shutting away the outside world. They believed those of the world had never taken the time to seek a core of inner peace and therefore did not realize how the gift to be simple can make an open mind free to see and feel the purpose of our lives ..... 'Tis the gift to be simple, 'Tis the gift to be free (taken from Simple Gifts, a Shaker Hymn).

Jessamine, a beautiful character, has been at Harmony Hill for over ten years and as events unfold leaves the village for the outside world. She loses the "gift to be simple" very quickly and feels enticed by the devil to embrace these worldly things with no resistance. She finds the outside world to be a baffling place and starts to feel regret for leaving the Shaker village.

The Gifted is a very compelling novel with conflict, sweet romance, and suspense. One negative comment .... I found the first two hundred pages moved much too slowly and found myself skimming some of the pages. The second half does pick up and becomes quite captivating.

I highly recommend this book .... a great inspirational read full of historical detail about Shakerism!


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