Freeman by Leonard Pitts Jr. (Kindle Edition)

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Freeman by Leonard Pitts Jr. (Kindle Edition) Empty Freeman by Leonard Pitts Jr. (Kindle Edition)

Post  WRB on Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:45 am

The civil war has ended. The Negroes are free, but left to fend for themselves in a hostile and resentful land. They are rootless, homeless, wandering about looking for their families - trying to get back that which never can be retrieved.

Sam, a past slave who fought for the Union army, is living in Philadelphia. His voice is free from any trace of Negro dialect - his enunciation is perfect. He likes using big words on people who presume to treat him less than he is just because he is a Negro. He has read many great books, absorbed the great ideals. It has been fifteen years since he's seen his wife, Tilda. He has no idea if she is alive, but sets out on foot for Mississippi - until just recently, enemy territory. He encounters many problems, but he is determined to find Tilda.

Prudence Kent, a feisty and spirited woman, is a widow living in Boston. She hates slavery and feels compelled to help civilize the Negro race. She travels into the South to set up a school for newly freed Negroes. Prudence believes the Negroes should be treated as equals, but the people in Mississippi believe she is sowing confusion and discontent and severe consequences soon develop. Prudence meets up with powerful people who do not want her interference. They have lost their way of life and still resist the Negro as their equal. They still believe Negroes should be performing their natural function - to serve their white superiors.

This book has a rich blend of history and romance. An enthralling read! I highly recommend.


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