Goodnight, Brian by Steven Manchester

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Goodnight, Brian by Steven Manchester Empty Goodnight, Brian by Steven Manchester

Post  WRB on Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:20 am

Goodnight, Brain is an inspiring read that will warm your heart - a story about faith and unconditional love.

Brian, 11 month old son of Frank and Joan Mauretti, has been diagnosed with a condition called metabolic alkalosis, a blood disorder that is caused by a sodium deficiency. He'll never walk, talk, or communicate effectively - caused by his baby formula, Neo Mulsoy.

Mama, a feisty 4'10" italian grandmother with a sense of humor, is a sparkling character and will capture your heart early on in the story. While Brian's family is struggling to cope with the realities of the diagnosis, Mama is already working to prove the Doctor wrong with her strong faith and determination. Mama refuses to ever give in or give up on Brian, showering him with tough love. Slowly she witnesses improvement as Brian defies all the odds. And Brian, Mama's little angel, with his unconditional love, never stays angry for more than a moment, so forgiving - teaching all those around him about real love.

This is storytelling at its best by a very gifted writer. Steven Manchester has a very definite style of his own. Just superb!


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