A Century Turns: New Hopes, New Fears by William J Bennett

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A Century Turns: New Hopes, New Fears by William J Bennett

Post  Bookworm on Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:06 pm

Former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett knew little about the sorry state of education in America and any positive solutions to the problem other than to keep kids incarcerated in government schools. It appears he knows little about his subtitle: what hopes for America other than those espoused by President Obama to control and nationalize our lives does Bennett proclaim? The fears, however, are self-evident: let government grow for we are too unwise to make beneficial solutions that prosper the utopian mindset of 21st century America.
Bennett lists the folks and events that he feels impacted America since the George H W Bush administration. In order, the pathos and sexual sordidness of the Clinton regime kept alive by an adoring press and fueled by silicon from grains of sand, followed by the well intentioned saga of the younger Bush swamped by a media that never forgave him for stealing the election of 2000 through the Iraq morass. Significant history is what Bennett says it is.

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