Until the End: 2nd Civil War Novel by Harold W Coyle

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Until the End: 2nd Civil War Novel by Harold W Coyle

Post  Bookworm on Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:16 pm

The horrors and travails of the battle in the Wilderness in Virginia in 1864 is told from the perspective of the grunts: a gruff but likable sergeant, a scared-witless recruit, and brothers on opposite sides of the conflict, one a captain for the Union, his brother a veteran private in the Army of Northern Virginia. Both are resourceful fighters and likely would have killed one another, even though they suspect the futility of the battle.
The American civil war was meaningless, an enterprise concocted by Lincoln to slake his passion to preserve the integrity of the Union.
Missing from this interesting historical novel is the mind-thought of the generals, who persevered under impossible conditions for a lost cause, a bitter struggle whose ramifications linger to this day and will likely seek eternity.

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