War Brides by Helen Bryan

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War Brides by Helen Bryan Empty War Brides by Helen Bryan

Post  WRB on Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:25 pm

An excellent historical read! A gut wrenching story that takes place in England during the blitz where life hangs in a balance of uneasiness.

The government in England expected that they would soon be at war with Germany, and for safety's sake evacuated mothers and children to the country. The Germans were predicted to bomb London and other cities and it was through the evacuations that five women met ... "the War Brides".

The storyline begins and ends in 1995 - 50th Anniversary - VE Day with the women who lived through England's darkest hour. These "war brides" were the unsung heroines, their lives being shaped by the conflicts of the war. They were being reunited, after 50 years, in their wartime home of Crowmarsh Priors, England, to relive their experiences during the war and reflect on the war's impact on their lives.

If you can get past the very poor editing, which I found to be very bothersome, this is a wonderfull book. An excellent lesson in history! I highly recommend!


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