Dunaway's Crossing by Nancy Brandon

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Dunaway's Crossing by Nancy Brandon Empty Dunaway's Crossing by Nancy Brandon

Post  WRB on Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:27 pm

Dunaway's Crossing takes place in 1918 ... World War 1 is coming to and end and influenza, a wicked foe, has wiped out many victims in Pineview, Georgia. The town becomes overwhelmed with this deadly disease ... the sick are dying so fast that producing enough coffins is impossible, so they bury the deceased in mass graves.

Nancy Brandon, a new author, is truly a gifted writer. She was able to capture the emotions of the intriguing characters. You're able to feel their pain, loss and sorrow. The storyline deals with domestic violence, an unforbidden love, a deep dark family secret and death.

This story is quite compelling and unfolds into a predictable, but good ending. I'm looking forward to more novels by this author. Highly recommend!


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