The Paris Wife, a Novel by Paula McLain

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The Paris Wife, a Novel by Paula McLain Empty The Paris Wife, a Novel by Paula McLain

Post  Bookworm on Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:23 pm

Hadley Richardson is Ernest Hemingway's first of four wives and would have been his only wife had the famous author had any sense. But ambitious Hemingway agreeably gets caught up in the thrilling but transparent lifestyle of romantic intellectual Paris in the twenties where, after the horrors of the Great War, anything goes with anybody. Unfortunately, so does sensible Hadley, who grudgingly becomes an enabler.
The booze and the glamour overcome the author, and he succumbs to the false allure of cads and vamps whose only worth serves as characters in his first and best novel, The Sun Also Rises.
Hadley is a devoted wife and mother, but allows herself to participate in relationships that destroy her marriage. Perhaps she is better off without him.

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