The Jaguar, a Charlie Hood Novel by T Jefferson Parker

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The Jaguar, a Charlie Hood Novel by T Jefferson Parker

Post  Bookworm on Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:35 am

Erin McKenna finds herself and her unborn baby held captive by the Gulf Cartel of Mexico. Incarcerated in a crumbling ancient hideaway castle in the Yucatecan lowlands, Erin slowly comes to the realization that she has to rely on her musical talent and intellect to survive. She agrees to compose a narco corrida commemorating the life of her captor, drug leader Benjamin Armenta, to escape the torture of being skinned alive or fed to a beautiful pair of jaguars.
Erstwhile and corrupted husband Bradley Jones and lawman Charlie Hood conspire to spring her, but fall prey to the thuggish tactics of her tormentors in the crocodile infested tropical jungle.
Erin is the focus of this erratic crime thriller with its denouement filled with unexpected turns of events.

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