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Catharine Montgomery, a retired teacher, first thought of the Pacific Crest Trail in 1926. She suggested there should be a border-to-border high trail winding down the heights of the western mountains. In 1957 the trail was still a dream --- too many logistics stood in the way, but the trail was finally completed in the 1990's.

Hiking the trail was more than just getting from point A to point B. It had more to do with how it felt to be in the "wild", and what it was like to witness the accumulation of trees and mountains, deserts and rivers, and perhaps even to watch the sunsets and sunrises. The experience was both powerful and fundamental to be part of the nature.

After going through many personal problems, Cheryl Strayed starts off her solo journey on the PCT with minimal hiking experience and it soon becomes a life changing ordeal for her. She hikes the Pacific Crest Trail starting at Mojave Desert and ending in Bridge of the Gods, in Washington state for a total of eleven hundred miles.

This book was a good read, but I soon grew tired of the repetitions in the book and I found myself skimming over parts. The hiking is only a part of the story. The author shares a lot of her troubled past with her readers and I thought too much was revealed and distasteful in parts. There are sexual fantasies and some vulgar language in the book which I thought could have been left out. In my opinion it was inappropriate.


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