Waiting for Sunrise, a novel by William Boyd

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Waiting for Sunrise, a novel by William Boyd

Post  Bookworm on Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:52 pm

Young English bit actor Lysander Rief becomes smitten by a scurrilous socialite who tempts him into a illicit relationship which produces a child. What results is a futile attempt on Rief's part to discover just who his seductress is. Rief is further enticed into a lifestyle of warfare and espionage that he cannot imagine and certainly cannot afford.
He, of course, relishes the thought of entertaining other breathtaking women who conveniently wander into his life, wondering again just who they are.
Rief's failing is that he easily falls prey to stunningly beautiful women, including his mother. He becomes distraught when he discovers that men he trusts appear less than worthy of his confidence.
The mystery takes place in the beautiful haunts of Europe on the eve of World War One. A fanciful, delightful novel.


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