Magnolia Dreams by Virginia Gaffney (#4 in Richmond Chronicles Series)

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Magnolia Dreams by Virginia Gaffney (#4 in Richmond Chronicles Series)

Post  WRB on Thu Jun 28, 2012 7:23 pm

This book takes you through a detailed historical account of the Civil War - views of both North and South. It would help if you have some knowledge of the Civil War - the book will be easier reading, but the book is a great learning tool.

Peoples lives changed forever because of this war and throughout the book there are experiences of anger and dismay, fear and sorrow. The slaves had to fight for the right to live their lives. The power of slavery had been broken, but the majority of the country still believed the blacks were inferior.

Riots broke out in New York City because of the draft. Many drafted men made the assessment that this was a rich man's war - but a poor man's fight. The worst of the riots were in the black sections and it took thousands of militia to regain control of the streets of New York. Large areas of of the city were burned and destroyed and hundreds of people - mostly blacks and police had been killed or wounded.

The South simply didn't have the industrial strength, nor the manpower, to conquer the North. They had the will to win, but no resources. With the grand plantations decimated and all the slaves missing, there was no way the South could return to their former way of life.

There are numerous graphic details in this book which makes one realize how terrible this war really was.

A great hisorical read!


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