Snowbound with the Soldier by Jennifer Faye

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Snowbound with the Soldier by Jennifer Faye Empty Snowbound with the Soldier by Jennifer Faye

Post  WRB on Sat Nov 16, 2013 8:27 pm

I was a lucky winner in a giveaway and received a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you Jennifer Faye for a delightful read!

I loved how the author shaped this story with endearing characters that simply capture the heart - truly a warmhearted love story.

Kara and Jason once had a fairy tale love, but that was seven years ago. The fairy tale came to an abrupt end when Jason left Kara for a military life, and he walked away without an explanation. Now, seven years later, he reappears at Greene Summit Resort where Tara is employed as a manager. When Jason left, he swore he'd never return. What happened to change his mind? Now, after all these years, their lives have changed. Jason is a returning war hero and is burdened with secrets of his past. He is still unwilling to explain to Kara why he broke her heart many years ago. Kara has changed, as well, not being the naive girl she'd once been. She has grown up in a hurry with many responsibilities in her life, one of them being a young mother. Now on a blustery, snowy night, they are thrown together and Kara is snowbound with the soldier. And the story unfolds ---

This is an easy and relaxed read that will help to put you in the holiday spirit. The storyline has themes of love, heartache, and forgiveness, and I really love the author's gentle style of writing. Everything was neatly wrapped up in one big package - although quite predictable. My rating - 4 stars.


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