One Light Still Shines - My Life Beyond the Amish Schoolhouse Shooting by Marie Monville with Cindy Lambert

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One Light Still Shines - My Life Beyond the Amish Schoolhouse Shooting by Marie Monville with Cindy Lambert

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This beautifully written and heart-wrenching memoir will leave no reader untouched. It is the story of a miraculous love as Marie Roberts emerges from a terrible tragedy and does it with boldness, strength, and wholeness, and how healing was brought to her heart and restoration to her family. She was determined not to allow herself to go down in defeat, but be strong for her children. Through faith and the power of prayer, she was filled with assuredness and was able to embrace life again.

Marie Roberts and her family lived in the town of Georgetown, Pennsylvania in Lancaster County. This quaint little town had a population of about 600 and the neighborhood consisted of as many Amish as English residents. Marie had always been timid and rather reserved, and all was peaceful in her world until she received that shattering phone call - a call that crumbled her heart and changed her life forever.

A brutal massacre had taken place at an Amish school when Charlie Roberts took ten girls hostage, ages 7-12, and barricaded himself and the girls inside. He then shot them, execution style, and turned the gun on himself. Charlie was dead and at least three little Amish girls, and the others gravely wounded.

Charlie, the man who committed the shooting, was not the man Marie and her children loved and trusted. Charlie had been a quiet, hard working, faithful, and loving husband and father, and he had been a Christian all his life. Yes, he'd had periodic bouts of mild depression over the years and had deeply mourned the loss of their infant daughter nine years earlier, but why did this tragedy happen? And the story unfolds ---

There was an out-pouring of love and concern from Marie's family, friends, and neighbors. But there was a profound embrace from the entire Amish community, showing Marie and her family that they had forgiven Charlie. They shared their grief and comfort, speaking with words of assurance and concern. The Amish families were extending to Marie and her family an unconditional love.

Quote from the book - "No matter how tragic your circumstances, your life is not a tragedy. It is a love story. And in your love story, when you think all the lights have gone out, one light still shines."

This story will surely touch your heart and one that you'll not forget. An amazing read! 5 stars.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review. All opinions shared are solely my own. Other reviews can be read on


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