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The Reason by William Sirls Empty The Reason by William Sirls

Post  WRB on Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:49 am

What a powerful book! Truly a heartwarming and emotional story.

Bizarre things were happening. A large wooden cross at a church is struck by lightning and seemed unfixable, but is suddenly repaired. Was it an act of God? A woman awakens from a five month coma - unusual, but not impossible - act of God? A blind pastor has his sight suddenly restored - act of God? There seems to be no logical reason for these happenings.

Alex, a five year old boy, is diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia and there seems to be no hope. The family is told to "only believe," that's all they have to do for Alex to get well and be healed from this horrible cancer. But why does a child have to suffer? Do things happen for a reason?

Faith is believing without seeing. "Only believe" is reiterated throughout this story. Our prayers will be answered in His perfect timing. Sometimes we don't receive the answer we want, but it will happen if it is God's will.

This is a story about faith and miracles. A compelling and inspirational read. I highly recommend. 5 stars.

Other reviews can be read on http://www.bookreviewsbywanda.blogspo... and Twitter @ghsmstudio.


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