The Melody of Secrets by Jeffrey Stepakoff

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The Melody of Secrets by Jeffrey Stepakoff Empty The Melody of Secrets by Jeffrey Stepakoff

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This is a compelling story about Maria Reinhardt, a talented musician, who must decide between the love of two men, her husband, Hans, or Cooper, the forbidden love that goes back twelve years to WW ll.

1945-Germany - Maria is 18 years old and WW ll is coming to an end. James Cooper, a fighter pilot, enters her life suddenly and a strong love develops, but ends abruptly when they are separated.

1957-Huntsville, Alabama - Maria - brilliant, gifted, and beautiful was fine boned, and feminine, with blonde hair and a creamy complexion - a Grace Kelly look-a-like. She was a fine violinist, playing first chair in the Huntsville Symphony. Life may be difficult and imperfect, but to Maria, music could be magical, and through it she could escape into its protective world and everything would be perfect. But suddenly James Cooper is back in her life in Alabama. For 12 years Maria lived her life thinking she would never again see this man, and now everything is about to change.

Hans, Maria's husband, had gotten her out of Germany when the world was collapsing. He was someone to build a solid foundation with and he seemed to be a good man. Hans was a scientist, working on guided-missile projects, who put science above everything. He believed space was mankind's destiny. Hans and Maria had a young son who spent most of his time away from home at a boarding school.

James Cooper had a certain assuredness in his actions and displayed a hint of kindness. After his separation from Maria in Germany, Cooper was never able to feel whole again.

Sabine is a German friend of Maria, whose husband's involvement as an SS officer with the Nazis surfaces. This information causes Maria to question Han's past. Should Maria seek out the truth? There were no easy answers - the past was complex - the future seemed full of promise. And the story unfolds ---

I kept thinking there was no way this story could have a happy ending. But, I must say, the ending was perfect, although bittersweet, and perhaps allowing some revelations to come. The only quibble I had with the book is that it started out slowly, taking me a little time getting into it. But the tempo soon picked up and it was a great read! 4 stars.

I received an early reviewer's copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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