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Post  WRB on Sat Oct 19, 2013 5:11 pm

1960 - The era of Camelot, when John F Kennedy is about to take the oath of President with his beautiful wife, Jackie, becoming First Lady. Claire is married to Peter, who is a perfectionist and a demanding man. He always wants things done his way. They have a young daughter, Kathy, and Peter works at the Pentagon. Claire meets Miles Sullivan at a dinner party and her life changes. Miles makes her feel important and listens to what she has to say, making her feel worthwhile. They begin an affair.

Early 1900's - post San Francisco earthquake. Vivienne Lowe is an English teacher at a private school for girls. David Gardner, Esq. enters her life. David is an unhappy married man and soon they begin having an affair. The San Francisco earthquake occurrs and David disappears. Vivienne spends 13 years of her life hoping David is alive somewhere - 13 years holding onto a dream.

The story unfolds as the lives of these two women are woven together, creating a story about love, loss, and grief. Both stories of Vivienne and Claire are beautifully told. I was able to submerse myself into two different eras with the beautiful descriptive writing that made the characters and settings come to life. This novel, by an incredible author, delivers in every way and is one that I highly recommend. 5 stars.

Other reviews can be read on and http://www.bookreviewsbywanda.blogspo...


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