The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin

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The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin

Post  WRB on Sun Jul 21, 2013 2:23 am

Wow! What a wonderful read! This was my first time reading a Charles Martin novel and this book consumed me early on. The Mountain Between Us is on my list of favorite books.

Dr. Ben Payne, an orthopedic surgeon, leaving a medical convention, is waiting at Salt Lake City Airport for a flight east. The flight is on hold because of a faulty de-icer and an anticipated snow storm. Ben hires a chartered plane to take him to Denver to catch a connecting flight. Grover, the pilot, says he can take one more passenger and Ben offers the seat to Ashely Knox, a journalist, flying East for her wedding. And then, a tragedy occurs. Grover has a heart attack and the chartered plane crashes into a wintry wilderness and the fight for survival begins as Ben and Ashley struggle to overcome a myriad of obstacles.

You won't soon forget these characters, realistic, but complex. I loved the splashes of humor, in the dialogue, spread throughout. The author used beautiful descriptive writing with vivid imagery of scenes that really added to this emotional journey with a poignant ending that took me by surprise. The storyline has a rich blend of love, survival, faith, and endurance. It will touch your heart as it delivers in every way. I highly recommend with a 5 star rating.


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