The Lifeboat, a Novel by Charlotte Rogan

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The Lifeboat, a Novel by Charlotte Rogan Empty The Lifeboat, a Novel by Charlotte Rogan

Post  Bookworm on Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:27 pm

Is it a noble exercise to sacrifice oneself by jumping overboard to lighten the load in the lifeboat to save those remaining onboard? Those who do voluntarily abscond may benefit from the satisfaction of going to a better place while escaping the inequities of dealing with the failed human experience with those who choose to live.
Newlywed Grace Winters suffers the horrors of human frailties aboard a lifeboat in the northern Atlantic for 21 days two years after the Titanic disaster. She finds herself entwined in the power struggle for survival with 39 boat mates who literally jockey for position to remain onboard and to suffer the enigma of continuing to live.
She and other survivors must testify in court to decisions they made as to who shall live.

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