Thomas Jefferson: the Art of Power by Jon Meachem

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Thomas Jefferson: the Art of Power by Jon Meachem

Post  Bookworm on Sat Feb 09, 2013 4:40 pm

Jefferson most certainly had the power of his convictions even though his demeanor always showed an inclination for considering the views of others. Jefferson held strong his belief that government for the new country existed for the benefit of the individual. Washington, Hamilton, John Adams, and numerous Federalists held the opposite view, that America could not prosper without a strong central government. That battle rages today. This is the theme of this excellent biography of the man considered to be the primary force behind the formation of our democratic republic.
Slave Sally is featured, of course, as are the significant women who dominated his life, his wife and daughters, and the elusive Maria Cosway. However, the interaction among the principals of our early nation is what makes the careful reading of this volume worthy.

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