Band of Sisters by Cathy Gohlke

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Band of Sisters by Cathy Gohlke Empty Band of Sisters by Cathy Gohlke

Post  WRB on Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:17 pm

Band of Sisters is a story about the world of human trafficking - women who are forced into prostitution. Girls, women - either kidnapped or lured in with promises of good jobs, bribes, marriages, or whatever it takes. They are then sold to the highest bidder to be used in brothels, sold as sexual escorts in New York, or shipped to buyers elsewhere.

Maureen O'Reilly and her thirteen year old sister, Katie Rose, arrive in Ellis Island, fleeing from an intolerable life in Ireland. They struggle to survive in New York City facing many hardships. Jaime Flynn, a very dark character, positions himself at Ellis Island to direct homeless girls to a department store for employment. It is there that he and others are kidnapping women to be used for the ring of trafficking. And the story moves on with many twists and turns.

This heart-wrenching story, which takes place in 1910, will strike a deep chord within those who read it. Deep and thought provoking - a horrible realization of what occurred back then, but still happening today.

This is my first time reading a Cathy Gohlke novel and I'll be searching for more in the future. Just superb!


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